German Quality with African Flair

Kiboko Leisure Wear was established 1996, with initially 20 employees - a small but effective team.

Currently we have about 80 team members but still focused on efficiency. 10% of the team are working in the management ( mainly women )

Our team is a good mix of professionals and juniors, who were all in-house trained and highly qualified.

The heart of the company is Sabine Hüster the founder and GM of Kiboko Leisure Wear. After being nearly 25 years in Kenya, she can combine perfectly her German quality orientation with the local Kenyan flair and lifestyle.

Sabine Hüster - GM of Kiboko Leisure Wear

About Us

Sabine Hüster

Sabine is 51 years young and mother of 2 kids.

She started her professional carrier in Germany at Müller & Son’s where she learned industrial tailoring, pattern making and grading.

After working for Bienefeld Consulting she moved to Kenya in 1989 and was part of the start-up management team for TINGA TINGA, the first east African fashion pioneer.

Sabine describes her best skills as being very customer oriented with a feeling of sales.

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