We love our fabrics

Our canvas is produced locally in Kenya, originally for safari tents ..

After testing we decided to use this Kenyan 100% water proof fabric for our new line of conference bags

Our aim is to design bags for our customer, which are so unique, that people use the bags happily after the conference as a leisure bag, and do not dump them into the deepest corner of their closet .

Our bags range, from smaller ones, just catering for conference materials, as well as bigger ones to accommodate a Laptop.

We are flexible in offering our customers large and small quantities.

Kiboko Water Proove Canvas


Canvas Conference Bags

Laptop Shoulder Bag
Shoulder BagMade for East Africa Coffee Assosiation
Combination of printing and embroidery

Small Conference Bag
Small BagConference Bag for African Cotton and Textile Industries Federation

Laptop Conference Bag
Laptop Conference BagConference Bag with hand and shoulder strap for
ASCU. Designs made from b-card

Confernece Bag
Bag SampleShoulder Laptop Bag. Sample to show Kenyan color scheme with embroidery