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Our Kikoy fabrics are produced in Kenya and are out of 100% cotton.

The Kikoy is a wrap with a twisted fringe at both ends and traditionally used in East Africa as a wrap around, shawl, or it is used to strap the Babies to their mothers backs .

At Kiboko we took the Kikoy further and designed with ONEWAY a KIKOI Garment collection, which ranges from casual shirts, dresses, Trousers to Bags and cushions, and are all very much liked by both -  customers and tourists.

Kiboko Fabrics 1


Kikoy Product Samples

Kikoy Dresses
Kiboko Dresses 5Our Kikoy African Dresses can be produced in all styles and colors

Kikoy Bags
OneWay Collection 3Our Kikoy Bags are not only very stylish - they are also very robust

Kikoy Kids Wear
One Way Frill Skirt 2Our Kikoy Kids Wear is one of the best selling product lines