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Cellular Production at its Best

Since 2014 we have changed our whole production system from line/batch production to a cellular production workflow with the help of Sam Meeks.

The whole factory looks different now - we gained 30 % space and our people are convinced and happy. The benefits of cellular production are, that we have much less work in progress, as each cells work on a bundle of 50 pieces. Now the garments are passing through production much faster and the first T-Shirt - for example - comes out after 15 minutes (before it took one day). 

As the groups are smaller, there is more accountability, more quality, more productivity and more team spirit.

Kiboko is now really ready to do exports in terms of quality, and even if we need to increase production, we have machines, space and people ready in place.

Kikoy Cellular Manufactoring Cell


Kiboko Cellular Production Groups

 T-Shirt Cell 1
Our Top T-Shirt Cell, who started the new production method

T-Shirt Cell 2
Our newest T-Shirt Cell - specialist in special knits.

Production Output Board
Production Output Board, where the team can see their successes

Pattern Management Team
Our pattern maker management team