ONE WAY a premium leisure-wear fashion designer label has been creating captivating and authentically African designs for the casual clothing aficionado, since it's inception three decades ago.

The ONEWAY label has extensive penetration into the hotel- and tourism industry in Kenya, Tanzania - Zanzibar and Uganda, supplying top boutiques and hotel chains.

For our partner Oneway we are exclusively producing and designing their product lines Kikoy Wear, OneWay Kids and Adult Knits, OneWay Linen, OneWay Going Green and One Way Safari Collection - all since 1996.

Kiboko Partner - OneWay



OneWay Lime fitted Dress
OneWay Fitted Dress

OneWay Linen Top
Linen - Black and White Sleeveless Top 2

OneWay Beach Bag
OneWay Bags

OneWay Kids Wear
One Way Kids