Kipepeo Story

Kipepeo-Clothing is one of our main partners in Germany with more than 10 years experience of manufacturing organic garments in East-Africa. Over the last years, we have built a great working and business relationship as Kipepeo-Clothing is managing the orders of our smaller customers in Germany. Kipepeo-Clothing consolidates the orders  and manages the import of products. This results in bigger shipments, better freight rates, sharing of overhead costs and frequent deliveries.

By being in contact with everyone involved in the supply chain of organic garments, Kipepeo-Clothing provides detailed information about the origin of products from the cotton fields to finished garments.

A win - win situation for all.

See our major Customer:

Serena Lodges



Monkey  pocket design “Nyani”
Serena Spagetti Dress 2

Nairobi and car  fully printed T-Shirts
Serena - Blouse

Zebra pocket design
Serena Jacket

Baby Bip and Jumper fully printed
Serena Shirt