Social Environment

My name is Justus Onduso. I’m 40 years old from Nyamira and I joined kiboko in the year 2010 as a general laborer (Trimmer and checker). I am currently the chairman of our KIBOS selfhelp group.

In 2013 I was promoted to stores department – where I do final checking and packing.

In 2014 I started saving from my salary and managed to open M-Pesa shop whereby I have employed two people. The extra income earned from my shop helps me pay school fees for my children.

I’m looking forward to enlarge my business that I may employ more people. This is a very good reason as to why I like working in Kiboko leisure wear.


KIBOS Selfhelp

Jimmy and Susanne
Kibos 2Jimmy (our quality manager) and Susanne during the KLJB workshop in 2011

Children of Everlyn
Evalyns KinderEvelyn (our kikoi supervisor), with her family, who financed with her loan the school education of her youngest daughter

Jimmy and Manual
Kibos 3Jimmy and Manuel during the workshop evaluating KIBOS

Workers Survey
Kibos 4Klaus, Muasiya and Anastacia during a workers survey