Social Environment

My name is Jane Mwangi from Muranga . I am 45 years old. I joined Kiboko in the year 2007 as an Over lock machinist. In my twelve years experience I can now over lock all kind of garment with less time.

Thanks to  our “Designed by Me” project as I am able to earn an extra income.

From my salary I was able to save for a period of three years. I also got a loan from Kibos self help group and bought one cow. One year later I started milking  and  with the extra money I was able to buy 2 more cows. By now I  am getting 30 Litres per day selling each liter at Ksh 40 (0.40$).The extra income is really assisting me to meet my expenses, and for my retirement.

 I’m grateful to our director who all the time encourages us to save  money, so that we may start a business of our own.

 Below are photos of my Cows


KIBOS Selfhelp

Jimmy and Susanne
Kibos 2Jimmy (our quality manager) and Susanne during the KLJB workshop in 2011

Children of Everlyn
Evalyns KinderEvelyn (our kikoi supervisor), with her family, who financed with her loan the school education of her youngest daughter

Jimmy and Manual
Kibos 3Jimmy and Manuel during the workshop evaluating KIBOS

Workers Survey
Kibos 4Klaus, Muasiya and Anastacia during a workers survey