Social Environment

Our KIBOS Group

Over 10 years ago we have started with the catholic Youth organization KLJB and Landjugendverlag GmbH our employees selfhelpgroup “KIBOS”.

KIBOS is officially registered in Kenya, has its own constitution and a team of employees, who manage the group regularly and independently.

The main purpose of our KIBOS group is to provide access to financial funds for all members, to finance personal investments like children education, housing or pension preparations. It is a kind of self organized micro credit system. And so it becomes an important field of democratic learning.

We generate a big part of group funding. From each product sold of our 100% Organic Product line 25,- cent are being donated into the group fund.

With our customers help, we are able to support this social project. Special thanks to the Catholic Youth organization who put extra efforts in structuring our Kibos Group.

Kibos 4


KIBOS Selfhelp

Jimmy and Susanne
Kibos 2Jimmy (our quality manager) and Susanne during the KLJB workshop in 2011

Children of Everlyn
Evalyns KinderEvelyn (our kikoi supervisor), with her family, who financed with her loan the school education of her youngest daughter

Jimmy and Manual
Kibos 3Jimmy and Manuel during the workshop evaluating KIBOS

Workers Survey
Kibos 4Klaus, Muasiya and Anastacia during a workers survey